Instructional tech

instructor graphic/ presentation resources

Collection of graphic resources for instructors creating engaging presentations

A list of free online resources for schools, educators, and administrators to help them navigate remote teaching.  

An assessment tool that allows instructors to administer in-class quizzes, view responses in real time, and generate reports to monitor and visualize student learning. It, provides a means for carrying out pre-class testing so that instructors understand what students know prior to the session, as well as conduct formative and summative assessment.

A way to make a video interactive and student-centered. Rather than playing a video, clicking pause, and then trying to get students to discuss or take notes, Edpuzzle puts the student in control. They can re-watch and respond to written questions or quizzes. They can click on hyperlinks inserted by the teacher and they can review written comments or audio notes left by the teacher.

A user-friendly teaching tool that can be utilized across grade levels, academic disciplines, and learners. It helps facilitate student-led learning and extend learning and thinking. Students are able to access higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and serve as teachers to one another. It also allows students to practice and build their social skills and connect with one another, fostering a virtual community. 

An educational version of Minecraft specifically designed for classroom use.

Teach Lab Team: 

Aissa, Chris, Diane, Law, Mohammad,
Mona, Patty, Radha, & Summer